HealthUp – NGOs active in the area of social and health protection will form a coalition

Program manager of CAZAS, Sanja Sisovic spoke on the press conference:

“HealthUP” was supported by Regional network for improvement of social services in Southeastern Europe “IRIS” through mini grant of 4750,00 EUR. Under the project implementation it was started monitoring of the implementation of laws and politics in the area of social and health protection, communicable and non-communicable diseases.”

It is planned to establish a coalition of the NGOs dealing with these areas, but also development of the cost benefit analysis regarding social services provided by NGOs as services with public interests.

She also explained that main goal of the project is focused on improvement and commitment CSOs and stakeholders to sustain and additionally improve the work of service for vulnerable groups in Montenegro.

Also, planned activities are focused on regular meetings with stakeholders with an aim to improve social and health protection, dialogue and finding potential options related to current situation and sustainability of existing services for vulnerable populations.  

In February, there will be held a set of meetings with stakeholders in Montenegro, in order to make a view under the areas of the project focus.

Representative of Regional network for improvement of social services in Southeastern Europe “IRIS” for Montenegro, Aleksandra Gligorovic said that ASB Germany started the process of networking for organizations providing services for social and health protection in region.

“Four years ago, it was started the initiative and at the beginning included the organizations active in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosova, and last year initiative was started also in Albania and Macedonia.”

Main goals of networks are, as she explained, besides capacity building of member organizations also joined advocacy for better policies, and better position of social services providers, but with the focus on CSOs.