Training for outreach workers on Harm reduction program was held

The training for outreach workers on Harm reduction program was held from 15th to 17th April in Petrovac as project activity of the project supported by the Lottery fund. Training is just one of the activities carried out under Harm reduction program that has a significant role in Montenegro in HIV prevention and HCV prevention but also in reducing health, social and economic risk among population of drug users.


Ten outreach workers were training within the training and through intensive work during three days they gained knowledge about the program, metodology used for the program but also required skills for the implementation of the program.


Harm reduction program is a set of interventions and actions aiming to prevent and reduce health, social and economic harm as result of drug use for both individual and community.


In CAZAS program is implementing for more than seven years through set of actions: needle and syringe exchange, distribution of sterile injecting tools, distribution of condoms, education and counselling but also programs of psychosocial help and support.


Program is implemented through outreach work but also through the work of drop in centers as unique service in this program. Since services are focused on prevention of HIV and since the main donor that supported the program stopped with funding in Montenegro, the services are working in limited capacity and with lack of funds, and that is why this training is also very important for the sustainability of the program. Through program it is also promoted the participation of current addicts and the ones that are recovering what is additional value of the project and positive influence on integration, rehabilitation and resocialization of the drug users.