CAZAS attended the 119th session of the Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare

Committee on Health, Labour and Welfare  devoted its 199. session  to the current situation in the field of drug abuse in Montenegro.

In addition to members of the Committee, the session was attended by representatives of few NGOs, among which was also the Executive Director of CAZAS, Vladan Golubovic. Also, the session was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions involved in this field.

During the constructive and comprehensive discussion it was noted that drug addiction is a problem with which we should fight joint on a global level. State institutions that fight against this problem in Montenegro, guided by the practice of  European countries are trying to resolve it, as well as possible. To achieve this goal, we need a systematic approach to the country with the participation of all entities that deal with these issues through drug abuse prevention programs in primary education, as well as through the reduction of drug supply in the market.

At the session, Mr. Golubovic pointed the importance of the sustainability of the services that are provided to this population and the importance of recognizing the role of services for vulnerable populations in the health care system in Montenegro.

Also, it was noted that the Committee is a partner to solve problems in the field of drug addiction through the institutions of the system, with the message that should address both the causes and the consequences of substance abuse.