About us

CAZAS is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization which began operating in 1998.


The vision of the organization is a society in which the health care system accessible to all on an equal and quality manner, in which vulnerable groups are protected and where they are provided with all the rights and all the necessary services and society in which strong and active youth free from any prejustice is the basis of its development .


The mission of the organization:

CAZAS is a non-governmental organization based on the principles of voluntary and non-profit activism with a mission to improve the Montenegrin society through the implementation of its four programs.


The aims of CAZAS are:

- Support the strengthening of the health care system in Montenegro and the promotion of health through the promotion of preventive and educational activities, measures and services in the field of protection from infectious and non-infectious diseases, substance abuse, as well as in the field of sexual reproductive health and other health issues of public interest ;

- Informing citizens and raising the level of knowledge and awareness among citizens about public health issues and issues of importance for users of preventive and educational programs and projects of the organization;

- Empowering Youth in Montenegro through education, advocacy and promotion of activism and volunteerism;

- Support, assistance and education of vulnerable populations in Montenegro through the psychosocial help to members of these populations, their families, friends and partners;

- Awareness and capacity building, education and training organizations, groups and individuals through intensive training, consultation and strategic planning.

The target group of the organization is entire population, with an emphasis on young people aged 13 to 25 years, as well as to vulnerable groups in Montenegro.


Work of CAZAS - is based on the principles of volunteerism and nonprofit activism through the implementation of its four (4) programs: Public Health, Youth, Psycho-social support to vulnerable populations, their families, friends and partners, and training program.