Considering the fact that ultimate medicaments against HIV do not exist, the only way for disease prevention is to avoid risky behavior. AIDS prevention requires self-discipline and strong character. Sometimes that protection measures look as limitation of personal freedom, but they are successful in saving lives.

Don't get into sexual contact with:

  • Person for who you suspect or know that are HIV positive;
  • More partners;
  • Person who often change his/her partners;
  • Person who is intravenous drug user.

Practicing safe sex can considerably reduce risk of infection. Still, even when using condom a risk of virus infection exists. Abstinence is the only safe way of prevention. Some of sexual contacts, as anal sex, are of higher risk of infection than others e.g. vaginal sex. Possibility of transmitting HIV infection is higher from man to woman than vice versa.

Here are a few advices which we suggest to everyone, regardless of gender and age:

1. The safest way is abstinence or using a condom at every anal or vaginal contact, even with permanent partner.

2. If you are addicted to some drug, do not use intravenous drugs. But if you are taking intravenous drugs, avoid taking needles from someone else and always use your disposable needle.

3. Avoid contact with blood from wounds or nose of people whose status is unknown to you. It is recommended to people who take care of people diseased of AIDS to use a protect cloth, masks and glasses.

4. People who are diseased of AIDS and asymptomatic HIV carriers can infect other through donations of blood, plasma, organs or sperm. Form legal, ethical and moral point of view all HIV infected persons are responsible for informing potential sexual partner about the risks. Those persons should avoid any exchange of body fluids during sexual intercourse and should protect themselves in all possible ways in order to prevent infecting partner.

5. HIV positive females should be informed before getting pregnant on all possible risks for child and offer to them all way of modern medicine to avoid spreading infection to child.

6. HIV positive females should not breastfeed their child.