Preventive – educative work among RE population

According to a survey conducted during 2013 among Roma communities in Montenegro, knowledge of the Roma population about HIV / AIDS is at a low level. Also, the fact that young people from the RE community early enters in sexual relationships makes them vulnerable. The level of education among RE population is very low and according to that we are implementing educational activities. These activities are not only associated with sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS - but also the services that are available to them in their local communities, education in family planning and reproductive health.


The main aim is to provide educational - preventive work among the population at RE Bar, Berane, Niksic, Tivat, Budva, Kotor and Podgorica.


Program is implemented with an aim  that members of these communities increase awareness of the problem and awareness of HIV / AIDS and STI as well as to use the services of VCT Centers. Strengthening existing group of RE educators with new members increase the impact that they have on the community. With all the above specifics, working with this population demands greater efforts and special access to the continuous preventive activities.


The target group of the project is RE population, both sexes, aged between 15 and 40 years.


Programme is based on the following principles: equal opportunities, participatory approach and gender equality. Emphasis is on increasing individual work with our outreach workers.