A few experts went through the world with aim to find answer and solve a secret of eternity.

They came to Kansas , asked for the oldest man and found him looking after cattle. They started to talk with him and asked him about a secret of his old age and good health. «I had always been reasonable in everything. I had never hurried, I always went to sleep early, and I had never smoked or drunk. I eat only fruit and vegetables, but meat and fat food I had almost never taken. ».

Intellectuals went satisfied in the other end of the world, where they heard almost the same story.

Finally, they came in Montenegro , because they had heard that in Briđe lives very old man. After a long quest, they found him at the end of the village, in old ruined cottage, rolled in dirty cloths laying on the bed.

They tried to find common language so that they can understand each other and finally they managed to ask him how he succeeded to live so long.

«That is very simple, two shots of brandy in the morning, in the afternoon the same, and in the evening with my friends a few more, with 5-6 a cups of coffee and two boxes of cigarettes.»

«OK. Sir, you are obviously very old. How old are you?

«Exactly few days ago I turned 43» answered old man without teeth and, tired of conversation he turned back to bed.

Yes, that was one story from the life that clearly illustrates consequences of wrong life style, and harmful effects of alcohol and cigarette consummation. Let's start from the beginning.

* * *

Definition of smoking

Tobacco is dried leaf of annual plant Nicotine tobacco, which is originally from subtropical places in America.

Smoking is willing inhalation of a lot of harmful products, that appear after burning of tobacco leafs, other chemical ingredients and the paper of cigarette.

Smoking act is divided in two phases:

  1. Self-contamination phase
  2. Phase of pollution smokers environment

Making negative pressure in mouth smoker infiltrates smoke making air stream, which is moving from outside above burning part of cigarette, then passing through uninflammable parts till the mouth, and then smoke is entering into lungs and very soon tobacco poisons are transmitted into blood stream, when they are taken all over the organism. The moment when tobacco poisons come into the brain, nice feeling of relaxation is generated. This is identical process as at any kind of drug use.

What is interesting is that in cigarette smoke none useful substances is found, but presence of more of 4.000 harmful substances is proven, 43 carcinogen, and 200 more times CO2 (coal dioxide) and 30.000 times more CO (coal monoxide).

* * *

Smoking history

Colombo noted in his diary that natives on one island gifted him a few of plant leaf that they called «petum» and valued highly. Leafs had bitter smell. Later Colombo 's fellows were amazed when they saw that patriots are smoking and puffing smoke trough nose and mouth. According to believes of religious Spanish only devil could push out a smoke through the nose.

First smokers in Europe are appearing at the beginning of XVI century, and firstly among sailors and soldiers of Spanish colonial army, colonists and tradesmen who visited New world. In that time evolved superstition about unusual and useful tobacco properties and there were attempts to use tobacco for curing different diseases.

French ambassador in Portugal , Žan Nikot, 1560 god. Has brought tobacco leaves to French queen Catherine Medici, and recommended it as a cure against headache, and also for «better energy, improving mood and curing many troubles».

Smoking spread all over Europe in XVI and XVII century. Parallel with sniffing and tobacco smoking strong measures against this temptation have been introduced. Catholic Church called smoking «devil's party». Papa Urban VII ordered that believers who smoke and smell tobacco are to be disjointed of church. Monks were especially severely punished. In Santiago five monks were arrested as they smoked 1692 and were alive built in the wall of monastery.

In Russia both church and government were against smoking. Tsar Michael Romano published decree in 1663 by which he prohibited tobacco smoking, and he prescribed severe punishments, from beating and cutting a nose to deportation in Siberia and death punishment for tobacco dealers. But, without matter on law on prohibition of smoking, Tsar Pitter I after his trip in Holland became a passionate smoker himself.

* * *

Spreading of smoking in the world

In last thirty years, in developed country of the world, the number of smokers is in the reducing state. Smoking and smokers are perceived with contempt, as people of lower class. In SAD more than 80 million smokers stopped to smoke. At the same time world tobacco industry is rising production for 2 % yearly, because it found new market in the countries of «third world» and through perfidy advertisements, premiums and sponsorship of almost anything they are aggressively conquering the world.

In last ten years of crises, all positive effects are annulled and the number of smokers is dramatically raised again, and from ninth place we come on FIFTH. In Europe we are third after Greece and Turkey . By number of female smokers Serbia and Montenegro would probably take first place. Especially worrying is raise of new registries of smokers among young population.

More than 53 tobacco tones (70 millions cigarettes) plus unknown quantity of illegal tobacco is smoked every day in Serbia . Every month in organism of our citizens remains poisoned products of more of 1600 tobacco tones. How that will be infect their health?

Effects of smoking on human organism

Smoking is perceived as the basic cause for more than 24 diseases. For series of other diseases, smoking is a factor that will make recovery more difficult.

Very interesting are results of investigations that directly show link between smoking habits, number of smoked cigarettes, period of smoking “stage” and appearance of diseases. In period after 1900 the number of smokers rapidly raised till the late sixties. In that period mortality of malign diseases have doubled and what is interesting is that typical smoking disease, bronchia carcinoma increased 50 times, which means that of 100 people who got bronchia carcinoma 95% are smokers for long years, and the other are passive smokers, who for years inhaled tobacco smoke.

Among long year's smokers more often is appearance of cancer of lips, palate and tongue, uterus spout, and cancer of voice strings is almost not appearing among non-smokers.

Tobacco is damaging flux in organism. Depending on location of damaged flux disease might appear. Cardio and cerebrum-vasculature system is hit the most often, which brings to extreme manifestation of infract of heart muscle or brain. Manifestation of this disease is two or three times more frequent among long years smokers, with more difficult consequences and if smoking is not stopped right away, insult is repeated with even more difficult consequences. Lets mention typical smokers disease called «smokers leg» almost unknown to all smokers, which begin with naive symptoms as cold leg, but after a chain of events it finishes with losing some of fingers, open wounds which almost never heal and gangrene. Later on, wounds are appearing in higher part of leg and can endanger the life.

At the same time, the tobacco poisons are distributed through blood streams to all parts of organism, they have negative effects on cells functioning, and make disturbances in tissues and organs. This appearance has specific characteristics ate every individual, and often is forgotten that those symptoms are direct consequence of smoking, and are rather connected with the other matters. Tobacco poisons cannot go together, especially because of very high negative effects on mitochondria, energy generators in organism and that's why sportsmen who smoke very soon finish their career and are becoming outsiders.

Pregnancy and tobaccos

In order to ensure normal development of baby organism it is very important to avoid any contact with poisons. Unfortunately, at pregnant women smokers that is not easy. Blood and urine of pregnant women and their babies' contents 5 to 8 time (500 to 800%) more concentrated concentration of cottoning (metabolite nicotine) compared with non-smoker mother's blood and urine. When pregnant women lights a cigarette, beside a series of problems following is occurring:

  • Speeding up of pulse and instability of blood pressure
  • Narrowing flux in placenta and decreasing level of oxygen quantity in baby's blood.

After a few minutes in baby's organism raise of blood pressure is occurring. Gradual raising of poisons concentration in baby's organism and its maximum is reached after 15 minutes.

Baby start to suffer, and all this is exhausting baby's organism, especially heart. The number of its heart beating can reach over 180, which are DESPERATE TRIES OF LITTLE BODY, to accelerate flux by quicker heart beating, with aim to get more oxygen and diminish suffer which is produced by tobacco.

Only after one hour tobacco effects are starting to fade. If caffeine is added to this, thing will get additionally complicated, because the main feature of caffeine is to STREIGHTEN EFFECTS AND POWER UP, which is resulting in kind of heartbeats bouncing - extrasistola.

In series of investigations, made on pregnant women who are smokers, it is noticed that premature delivery is appearing two times more often than among non-smokers. Unfortunately the list of problems is not finished here. Children whose mothers are smokers, beside this can have problems with regularity of heart rhythm, disturbances in immune system and, what is especially upsetting, is that clinical examinations at children who are diseased of ACUTE LIMPHATICALLY LEUKOZE, WILMSOV CANCER, HOCHCIN'S LIMPHOME show that risk of disease at children whose mothers are smokers is 50% higher than at the others.