Tablets and Steroids

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Opiate analgesics

Morphine and its derivates are in this group. Bases for extraction of morphine, and cures made of it, is opium, juice that is gathered from cutting immature cocoons of poppy. Legend related to opium states that poppy has grown from Buda's eyelashes, that he picked and thrown to earth in order to keep himself awaken. Name morphine is given after Morpheus, good of dreams in old Greek mythology. They are used for therapy only when very strong pains occur (e.g. at malign illnesses). Law is regulating ways of prescribing and obtaining prescriptions for this drugs, and selling them without prescription is forbidden.

Effect: analgesia, behavior changes (euphoria, sleepiness, apathy, reduced physical activity and lethargy), reduced coughing reflex, itching sensation

Unwanted effects: breathing depression, nausea, vomiting, constipation, itching, developed tolerance and addiction. All those effects can appear after consumption of doses that are larger than therapeutically, but can occur while proper usage.

Addiction: creates strong psychical and physical addiction. It can appear during regular, and specially long-term consumption. Tolerance is evident.


Barbiturates are drugs from group of sedatives and hypnotics, derivates of barbiturate acid. Previously it was used as cure for insomnia, while today they are used exclusively for epilepsy and to cause short-term anesthetic.

Effects: calming down, falling asleep and anesthetic.

Acute poisoning: One of the most common drug poisoning. Dose of 5-10 mg higher than therapeutic cause poisoning, but can be successfully treated, while dose of 15-20 mg higher are almost regularly lethal. Therapeutic dose of Phenobarbiton is 0.1g.

Symptoms of acute poisoning: extreme breathing depression, hypotension and coma.

Addiction: Changed psychic and physical addiction, level of addiction varies from person to person. Sometimes multiply addiction can appear at person that combine alcohol and these drugs. Specific problem of addiction from therapeutic doses is appearing among persons that are under medical treatments. After treatment stopping abstinent syndrome can appear.