Health UP implementation started on May 1st

The aim is to further empower and strengthen civil society active in the health sector to influence public health policy decision making processes in order to make health system more efficient and more patient-oriented than it is now. Their activities will focus on increasing the link between government and non-governmental sector, thus establishing a strategic partnership between CSO and government in order to improve the health care system.


Key activities are:

-          establishing a Coalition of NGOs active in this area to increase their involvement in planning and implementation of relevant policies,

-          developing studies, analyses and other policy papers and publications in this area,

-          organizing various events and seminars between CSOs and government in order to improve their capacity, communication and cooperation,

-          monitoring of implementation of relevant laws and policies,

-          conducting joint public advocacy actions,

-          introducing an Info E-Portal on Health and establishing an interactive online forum,

-          increasing the level of awareness and information of general and professional public on the citizens’ rights in the health care system.


The primary target groups of the project are relevant state ministries, public health institutions and CSOs active in health sector, while the beneficiaries of this action are all health care consumers in Montenegro.


Because a responsive and efficient public health care system is one of the keys to Montenegrin socio-economic development on its road to EU accession, this Project will contribute to promotion of EU values through influencing the alignment of health sector policies in Montenegro with the ones that are fully operational in the EU.


More detailed information about the Project will be available during implementation period. Meanwhile, follow the project activities under #HealthUP