General information

Cocaine is strong stimulus for central nerve system (CNS) with strong anesthetic influence. Cocaine is one of the most expensive and purest drugs. Country of origin is South America (Columbia). It is prepared from plant Erythroxylon coca that is mainly grown in Columbia and Peru. Thanks to anesthetic influence it was used in surgery, but now it is substituted by cheaper synthetic local anesthetics. Leafs of coca is sometimes used for removing scarves. It is mostly used for sniffing, but it can be used intravenously. Influence duration is short and it is fast removed from organism.

Effect: it appears after 1-2 min, and lasts 1h-2h. Feeling of strong euphoria (flash), relaxation, feeling of increased power, control over situation, increased perception and sharpened senses. Sometimes it causes fast changes of moods and increases psychical acrimonies. Persons that are under influence of cocaine describe feeling known as “cocaine bugs”, feeling of bugs or ants crawling over skin. Similar feeling can appear under influence of heroin.

Physical manifestations: increased blood pressure (hypertension), nausea, very fast heartbeats (tahicardy), increased body temperature, breathing depression and aritmy.

Long-lasting effects: heart problems, problems with blood pressure, psychoses, lack of motivation, insomnia, etc.

Symptoms of overdose: Overdose is bringing to lethal result. Sometimes one dose can cause lethal result if person has weak heart.

Addiction: strong psychical addiction, while physical addiction isn't created. Tolerance is evident.